Tech Series

The PRESS PLAY Training System for Techs

The 3 Day Premier Training Program for
Techs, Plumbers, and Electricians


The PRESS PLAY training system was built for 2 reasons:
  1. Techs need a real system they can use.  Techs enjoy this training, and can use it immediately.
  2. The PRESS PLAY training system has only 1 agenda – PRODUCE RESULTS.  The training system enhances existing training programs you may be using.
Service Excellence Training is committed to providing a dramatic increase in your:
  • Closing percentages,
  • Average tickets,
  • Leads,
  • Agreement Members


Laying the Foundation

Technicians thrive when they can see their future in your business.

Controlling Personality TypesDISC and Advanced Insights
  • Knowing How to Control Personalities Starts with Knowing the Personality Styles.
  • You will learn exactly what it is that motivates people to take action.  You will learn the driving force behind the DISC personality assessment.
  • You will also complete a thorough DISC and Values assessment prior to attending the program.  These assessments will be completely   unpacked in a 10-15 page report.
  • You will use this report to understand how you can improve your communications, overcome objections, and boost sales!
Preparing for the Call
  • This lesson explains exactly how to get yourself  mentally and emotionally ready to win!  You will learn how to prepare in a way that produces results.
Relationship Building
  • All relationships are about common ground.  You will learn how to:
  • Find the common ground subjects that will allow you to build a powerful relationship with any client.
  • Remove the obstacle “They did not like me.”
Evaluating Through Questions
  • Did you know that the ability to ask the right questions is the most important part of the entire service process?  You will learn how to:Build your presentation based on the client’s answers.
  • Settling Anxieties
  • Credibility:  The client is thinking “Can he fix this?” You will learn how to make them think “I won’t use anyone else!”
  • Price:  You will learn how to address the client’s fears about price, and overcome any price objections.
System Diagnostic
  • Proving Your Recommendation Through an Undeniable Method.
  • If the client doesn’t believe your findings are correct, you will never win his business. You will learn how to get absolute confirmation from the client.
Presenting Prescriptions
  • Amplifying the “Yeses” in Your Presentation
  • Getting a “Yes” is all about building value that is greater than the price concerns.
  • This lesson is for anyone who has ever been told: “You are too expensive!”
Mastering Flat Rate Pricing
  • The mastery of the Flat Rate Pricing System.
  • As a bonus, you will also receive access to the HVAC Visual Price Guide that is included with your class.
Overcoming Objections
  • Eliminate the “No’s” From Your Life
  • Objections occur on every call. Unfortunately, most technicians don’t know how to professionally work through the objection.
  • You will learn how to use the objection to create the close.
  • Boosting the Service Ticket
  • There are 3 techniques that you will master that has proven effectiveness for increasing your current average ticket.
The Options Form
  • You will learn how to use the Options Form to create a desire for your recommendations.
  • You will also receive a fully customizable Options Form that you can use in your company.



Service Agreements
  • Service Agreements are the Life Force of Your Future Success
  • You can not guarantee repeat business without a long-term commitment from your client.
  • Learn how to successfully implement a greater than 60% agreement conversion in your company.
Creating Leads for Large Ticket Items
  • Replacement Sales are Critical for HVAC and Roofing
  • The Technician Lead is the highest impact revenue generator inside your business.
  • You will learn how to convert +80% of your opportunities in an ethical manner.
Add-ons Boost Sales
  • You will learn the secrets to setting leads for large ticket add-ons that sell.



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