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Tracking call booking rate is great! But how detailed are your numbers? Do you know how many new vs existing clients your call takers are booking?

How about how many of your calls are coming in from your mailers?  

Even if your CSRs are asking, is there one place where you can easily locate that information without having to pull a complicated report from your database?   

The new CSR Tracking Tool from Service Excellence was designed to help you do just that.  

  • Your CSRs will know their KPIs 
  • You can see the results from your marketing efforts 
  • You can compare progress and improvement over time 

Tracking your CSRs booked call rates is no different than tracking technician average ticket, or maintenance agreement sales. You know the importance of tracking the tech numbers; so why are you so relaxed about tracking our CSR booking rates?  

This tool is designed to empower your CSRs to improve their performance. The will see how their performance impacts the company goals. It will also help you to notice trends early and often.   

This information will assist you with distribution of your marketing efforts. So, no more using a shotgun approach.   

The best part of this tool is the ease of use. Your CSRs do not need one more busy work task which distracts them from their ultimate mission of providing 5 Star Customer Service. So, this tool was designed to minimize the amount of double entry they are required to enter. 

A bonus use for this tool is as a re-marketing list.  Most of the needed information is already there.  With the cost of purchasing lists already high, you can use unclosed opportunities as a way to re-market.   

For more information on how this tool works and how to use it, please watch the short video below. If you would like to own a copy, then just click the button.


If you would like to talk to me about how I can help your CSRs close more calls, improve client satisfaction, and dispatch by skill set, please fill out the talk to the trainer form and I will be in contact with you.  

Yours in Turning Learning into Earning, 

Brandy Rogers  

Director of CSR Training  

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