Robert Jamieson Testimonial

for the PRESS PLAY Training Series

What big idea will you and your team take from this Training Series:

“Communication skills”


Submitted in class – 12/5/12

Robert Jamieson, a technician for a Home Energy Service Company called Washington Energy Services in Seattle, WA provided the Service Excellence Training Team with a heartfelt testimonial about his experience at our classroom training series.

This inspired technician felt that the material from the training series worked to grow his knowledge on increasing sales by more effectively closing sales with clients interested in his independent contracting company services.  Along with closing sales, this independent contractor explained that this training series also helped technicians develop “a really good plan” for solving clients’ concerns and problems.  When it comes to growth of an independent contracting company, every great sales and service technician values the magnificent importance of growing and closing sales as well as growing service excellence with their clients.

Home Energy Technician, Robert Jamieson also positively commented of the energetic and interactive flow of the classroom training.  The training series is a classroom training event that is adaptable for all types of technicians, owners, and managers due to the fast-moving and engaging nature of the atmosphere and training material.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we are so excited to hear how technicians and independent contractors in Homes Energy, HVAC, pluming, and electrical are growing and becoming empowered to pursue their passion with service excellence and matchless skills

Robert Jamieson also provided insightful written testimony describing an important idea he will utilize and the most enjoyable reward that he took from his experience at the training series.  These answers also explain why other HVAC, Home Energy, plumbing, or electrical independent contractors should use Service Excellence Training to train their team:

What big idea will you and your team take from this Training Series:

“Communication skills”

What did you like most about this Training Series:

“I have been trying to close more deals with out making any changes, now I have alot more tools in my bag.”

The PRESS PLAY Training Series

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