Greg DeFontes Testimonial

for the PRESS PLAY Training Series

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:

“Realizing my value, and the cost of business.”


Submitted in class – 12/5/12

Greg DeFontes is a technician for an HVAC Independent Contracting Company called Hyde’s AC located in Palm Springs, CA.  Greg DeFontes provided the Service Excellence Training team with a wonderful testimonial about his experience at Service Excellence Training’s classroom training event.  When technicians go to the homes of their clients there is no telling what personality types they may face but there are ways to learn how to effectively deal with every personality type in order to build rapport.  Greg DeFontes did just that at this classroom training  series.  Greg said that he “had a wonderful learning experience” and “learned how to deal with people and personalities.”

Technician, Greg DeFontes also made huge strides forward in his career mindset.  Greg said that the training series helped him realize that, “I have own future in my own hands now.”  Here at Service Excellence Training we strives for all the independent contractors that we work with to have the confidence to say exactly what Greg DeFontes said because we want independent contractors to realize that just like an “architect,” we have the power to build and become the “archi-TECH” of our own careers and life.

Greg also gave the Service Excellence Training team some wonderful written answers.  These statements will explain the big idea that Greg will take with him from this training series, what his favorites experience was during the training series, and answer the question “Why should I use Service Excellence Training to train my team?” for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Sales, Service, CSR, and Dispatcher Training.

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:

“Realizing my value, and the cost of business.”

What did you like most about this training series:

“Understanding the different personality traits.”

The PRESS PLAY Training Series

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