New Breakthrough: Facing the Difficult Client

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Jesse an a HVAC Tech that struggles with the “difficult” client.  Not all clients are difficult for Jesse.  But the ones that are hard headed and direct, give him trouble.

New Breakthrough - The Difficult Client

New Breakthrough – The Difficult Client

Last Friday (11-22-2013) I was in the truck with Jesse for a day doing ride-alongs.  (We call them skill evals.)  The last call we were on was a “Difficult Client.”

She was actually very nice.

The difficult part was the following:

  • Her system was about 3 years old.
  • The design was terrible.  (Ducts and zones were very missed up.)
  • She had a hard time understanding why a 3 year system was not working.  (Have you ever meet the client that thinks someone’s bad install is your fault?”

The end result?

Jesse faced his fears.  Stood his ground in truth, and secured the lead for a system design.

That design turned into a $24,000 complete system replacement.  (Ducts, Zone, and a new 2 speed system.)

Jesse, congratulations on the New Breakthrough!

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