21-15-9 Challenge

I’m starting a new training concept that is based off the WOD approach of CrossFit.  The details are still being hammered out, but here is the basic idea:

Be the first person to accomplish the task below, and get this Challenge forever named after you!

  • 21 Service Calls is the “Time Limit” you have to accomplish the goals
  • 15 New Service Agreements is Goal #1
  • $9,000 in Service Revenue is Goal #2


  1. You can accomplish Goals 1 and 2 in less than 21 service calls.  The most efficeint score wins.
  2. Service visits that already have Service Agreements are considered “scaled” service visits.  Which means, you can count the call as one of your 21, or you may take another service call.
  3. “Scaled” work is not eligible for having the challenge named after you.
  4. Tie breakers are determined by highest revenue.
  5. Put your “time and score” in the comments below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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