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Serve and Grow in the Independent Contracting World

//Serve and Grow in the Independent Contracting World

Serve and Grow in the Independent Contracting World

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Both personal life as well as business life is made up of consequences of the natural process that states “for every action, there is a reaction.”  However we have the ability to make the initial “action” positive and service-oriented thus setting up the potential for an affirmative “reaction.”  Within the independent contracting world of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, providing excellent service and engaging company-client interaction is rewarded in client and community reactions.  In our post today, we are going to explore two wonderful ways in which we can serve and the positive reactions that are grown from those service-oriented actions:

When we serve with our time…

Serving with our time is a selfless act, especially when we choose to do it with a positive attitude and a grateful heart.  When we see our time as well as our client’s time as a valuable commodity then we can learn the importance of serving our clients with quality time; where we utilize the best of our technical and service excellence skills.  Another way in which we learn to give of our time in order to provide amazing service is investing in team training.  When company teams take the time to train their employees right then they will reap wonderful rewards that come along with it.

…then we grow respect.

Serving with our time reaps the reward of client and community respect.  A company and their coworkers attain a positive and strong reputation when they have spent quality time with their clients from the initial call scheduling with a CSR all the way to the finishing touches completed by an installation technician.  In return, this growing of client and community respect also cultivates client and coworker retention as well as produces referral leads, which in the long run grows sales within an independent contracting company.  The beauty of genuinely serving with our time is that we gain the genuine respect of clients and potential clients.

When we serve with our energy…

Serving with our energy means going above and beyond the industry standard to offer service excellence that is “out of this world.”  Just as serving with our time requires that we recognize what it means to offer quality time, we must also learn what it means to direct our energy in the right direction.  This requires that we learn more about our clients’ needs and wants so we can ensure that we are working to solve their problem rather than simply going through the motions of a sales or service call.  Giving of our energy also goes hand-in-hand with investing in training.  When we work to give our best in the training setting by challenging ourselves to be constant and energetic learners then we will naturally begin to give our best while working in the field with a client.

…then we grow relationships.

While serving with our time grows the respect of clients, serving with our energy grows relationships with clients.  These relationships are built because we have learned to direct our energy in the direction that meets the client’s need rather than put our sales or service agenda before their need.  Clients and potential clients can easily recognize the misdirection of technician or CSR energy and focus thus it is so important to stay “in the moment” with the client in order to most effectively meet their needs and grow rapport.  Developing relationships also grows and sustains a base of lifelong and loyal clients that work as free advertisement for your company and team.  What greater way to promote the outstanding service excellence of your company team then to have thoroughly satisfied clients as a mouthpiece for your company!

It is a law of Physics that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  However, as independent contractors, we have the ability to positively shape the initial “action” in order to receive an equally outstanding client and community “reaction.”  In our post today we explored the beauty of serving with our time and our energy, which grows respect and relationships.  Thank you for following our weekly post.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we turn learning into earning!

-Resource curated by Whitney Stewart of Service Excellence Training

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