Royal Plumbing Breaks Through the Sales Barrier

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Every company has a sales barrier.  Few independent contracting companies break through the barrier.  In May, Royal Plumbing of Portland, Texas did just that.

Plumbing Company breaks Sales Barrier

With 5 technicians, they produced $152,205.46 in residential plumbing sales in the month of May.  This is a huge independent contracting company accomplishment.  That number represents about a 30% increase in monthly revenue from the previous year.

In this interview, Plumbing Service Manager Lance Koonce discusses some of the reasons why they were able to accomplish this new result in their business.

On a personal note, I am honored to have the opportunity to provide sales and service training to the great plumbers of Royal Plumbing.  They have fought hard from the beginning; and are an example of a team dedicated to winning.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Plumbing Breaks Through the Sales Barrier

  1. Great Job. Very impressive. I had the opputunity to receive training from Todd back in 2005. On 2 separate occassions. One for power performing technician, and one for sales training back when I was an employee. I have since moved on to business owner and the methods still stick in my mind.

    He is the real deal

  2. Yo David and The Team!

    Congratulations on a great month. I’m coming down in November, I know there will be more new records set by then.

    Three Cheers from Steve’s Plumbing in the Great Northwest!

  3. Great job!! Royal plumbing. I can see you breaking the $200,000 barrier very soon. Which means you will be over 2 mil a year in no time. Keep up the great work.