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14 thoughts on “What question should I ask Matt Michel of the Service Roundtable?

  1. What are the most common mistakes you see being made in the industry ? And what is your advices on some creative solutions ?


  2. A) tell me all your sliver bullets or best 10% help to marketing and getting better cust? 1/3 of my cust now have smart phones.
    B) better relationships with other people in trade is help full, what things would you evaluate for help? some are just to high of cost?
    C) review of service value /cost of work done and then get the end users in the program

  3. I know you’re a big soccer fan… What do you think Klinsmann must do to get Bradley off his butt and back into the game?

    What is the next “big thing” you see on the horizon that will help HVAC contractors do a better job of consistently delivering the safest, healthiest, most comfortable and energy efficient systems possible?

    If you could wave a magic wand and grant a single wish to an HVAC contractor, what do you think the most common wish would be?