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Hello, we are so glad you made it.

We are hosting a live online training that will show you the systems that many successful contractors are using to:

  • Increase closing ratios
  • Increase average tickets
  • Increase replacement leads
  • Increase maintenance agreements

During the seminar we will cover the steps you can use to create these same systems in YOUR business.

Imagine having an easy, repeatable process that actually works.  The best part about it is that your existing employees will love using it!

We are constantly hearing from people who start using the PRESS PLAY system and are amazed at the results.  Not only with the increase in sales, but at how quickly they are able to put it to work.

The Results of Real Contractors

“We produced $152,205.46 in residential plumbing sales in the month of May. That’s about a 30% increase in monthly revenue from the previous year.”

– David Havelka, Royal Plumbing

“$298 Thousand for the month of May…YAY! Last year we only did $94K in sales! Thanks for the PRESS PLAY Training System.”

– Mike Albritton, Harrell King Air Conditioning

“I’m on FIRE! I had a $50,000 dollar week after the PRESS PLAY for Sales Series. I’m really excited!” This class is a must for any technician or salesperson wanting to reach the next level! This class is having a significant impact on my family.

– Jesse Wright, Advanced Comfort System

“I’ve know Todd for many years now. Todd has become not just a business associate, but a great friend. I feel like he really cares about what he does, and we have developed a really strong relationship. ”

– Alan O’Neill, Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning

“I came out here to training with Terry and Todd, the guys were awesome because this training is totally different than everything else. It is set aside from everybody else because these guys were actually in the field, they were technicians, they were service guys and they actually did it all. This is a big opportunity for me to learn what I have from these guys and go back and better myself.”

– Tren Nguyen, Berkey’s Air Conditioning & Plumbing

“PRESS PLAY will reduce the amount of printed material and increase the simplicity of your program to make your program as simple as possible so someone could remember the main steps of the service program.”

– Ellen Rohr, Bare Bones Biz

Don’t miss this tremendous FREE opportunity!

Our system only allows 100 attendees to the seminar so attendance is limited.

Fill out the form on this page to secure your spot on the Live PRESS PLAY Training Seminar August 22nd at 1pm Eastern, 12 Central, 11 Mountain, and 10 am Pacific.



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