Mary Lou Retton with Plumber Joseph Botch

Joseph Botch is a Plumber in Houston, TX.  He works for ARS and Rescue Rooter.  He got a big surprise in a little package on this plumbing call.  He got to meet “America’s Sweetheart” Mary Lou Retton.

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A hack electrician job
The Professional Electrician versus the Hack

There is a real difference between a professional electrician and a hack.

A Professional Electrician

  • Never compromises System and Client Safety.
  • Completes his work to Code Standards or better.
  • Is proud of his work.
  • Is paid what he is worth.

A Hack Electrician

  • Doesn’t care about the Safety or Heath of his customer.
  • Doesn’t with standards.
  • Thinks work is a pain, not a point of pride.
  • Is paid far too much for the danger he creates.

At Service Excellence Training, we focus on communication training.  We are proud to teach the best professionals in all the trades.  Our great list of clients:  electricians, hvac techs, and plumbers are real professionals.  They would never do this type of hack work.

Find out more about our communication and sales classes here:  Classroom Training for HVAC Techs, Electricians, Plumbers, and Professional Comfort Advisors.

*This terrible example of a tapped power supply was brought to you by Ronald Potts. He gave me the pic, he did not do this work.