Pat O’Neill Testimonial

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What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:



Submitted in class – 10/24/12

Pat O’Neill is an owner of an Electrical Independent Contracting Company called Benjamin Franklin Electric located in Manalapan, NJ. Pat O’Neill was kind enough to provide the Service Excellence Training team with a testimonial about his experience at Service Excellence Training’s classroom training event. Great independent contracting company owners understand the value of having morale, respectful, and kind managers, technicians, CSRs, and dispatchers as part of their team.  Being a upstanding individual is more than half the battle when it comes to growing sales, service, and retention inside your independent contracting company.  When Pat O’Neill attended the training series, he was expecting a sales or service class but left seeing that the Service Excellence Training team plans training around morale values first and foremost.  Pat O’Neill really liked that the training series taught, “Respecting people is more important than just selling.”


Just like Pat so eloquently stated, we should always care about our clients.  When we spend time getting to know them, we should really care about their concerns, questions, and needs that they have.  The job of an independent contractor in the industry of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical is to help meet our clients true needs with compassion and respect.  Here at Service Excellence Training, we love helping independent contractors gain new insight to this compassionate side of sales.

Pat O’Neill also provided the Service Excellence Training team with some wonderful written answers about his experience at training series.  These statements answer the big idea that Pat will take with him from the training event, what aspect he liked most about the training series, as well as answer the question “Why should I use Service Excellence Training to train my team?” for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Sales, Service, CSR, and Dispatcher Training.

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:


What did you like most about this training series:

“Teaches both personal and business values. They really care about people.”

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