How To Guarantee to Almost Die in a Basement

When I was a tech, I loved working on oil furnaces and boilers. I know that sounds strange but I did. I loved it. I got to use “real” tools with some heft, like wrenches. I could see everything I was fixing and put my hands on it.

How to almost Die in a Basement

You can’t hold refrigerant. (I tried once – another story for another time.) I didn’t even mind working on call or weekends in the winter because I knew most of my calls would be for oil furnaces or boilers. If it was very cold – in Virginia Beach that’s below 30° – I would “chase the oil truck” all weekend. (Those of you that work on oil systems will understand that. For those of you that don’t, it means that the burners that are running when the oil is being delivered are almost guaranteed to get clogged up. When it’s colder, burners are running more frequently and oil is being delivered more frequently thus more clogged burners.)

It was one of these cold nights on call chasing the oil truck that taught me some valuable lessons about safety and gave me yet another lesson on being prepared and and the dangers of overconfidence.

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Mr Miyagi and the Karate Tech

Mastering the fundamentals of anything is the key to being awesome at that thing. I like what one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Mr. Miyagi, said to Daniel in the movie The Karate Kid:

Daniel: When do I learn how to punch?

Miyagi: Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home. Understand?

In another scene he says:

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Video included in Post

Installers are important. They install the highest dollar and highest profitable items that your company sells. Yet, installers can be some of the most under-appreciated people in a Service / Replacement company.

Your HVAC / Plumbing / Electrical / Roofing installers deserve to be taken care of. It’s not hard to please these guys and gals, you just need to follow these 3 easy ways to:

Take Care of Your Installers

#1 – A Complete Checklist.

There are few things worse than discovering that you can’t do the install because of missing information.  Installers need the following items:

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If you attempt to dispatch a Millennial for your profits, then you will have trouble on your hands. Millennials don’t value profits over a happy personal life.

This creates a challenge for the on-demand service company.

Prior to the millennial generation, there were 3 Golden Standards for Dispatching.

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The Best Dispatching Methods

LIVE Video

Dispatching is about tactics and people. When done well, it can increase your profits. When done poorly, it can make team members quit.

Methods of Dispatching

This post is from a Facebook LIVE Stream.  In it, I will cover the 3 most common methods of Dispatching for Service. I also preview a new method of dispatching that is becoming a necessity.

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