The 3 Reasons CSRs are Losing Calls

and tips on how to fix them

CSRs work hard. They handle a multitude of different call types. They never know who or what is going to be on the other line. I spent several years as a CSR and I know that no two calls are ever the same.

CSR Learning Opportunity

For your CSRs one of their most important Key Results Areas is their True Call Booking Percentage. It takes a lot of money to make the phone ring. It is essential that CSRs have the skills to close the call.

There are three reasons your CSRs are losing calls.

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Defining the CSR Key Result Areas

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As a business owner, manager, CSR, or Dispatcher you know what Key Results Areas are. Your track them often, at least for your producers in the field. My question is, do you track them for your call takers as well?

CSR Close Rate photo

Most companies don’t. Only a few track metrics like call booking percentage. What they don’t track is True Call Booking Percentage. Which includes the difference in new clients, existing clients, and lead source.

For example: let’s look at the Key Results Areas for a technician.

  •     True Average Ticket
  •     Average ticket on repair
  •     Average ticket on maintenance
  •     Lead turn over
  •     Club conversion
  •     Etc.

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Why I’m Changing My Focus

announcing a major change

Time will change things, and time has changed me. It’s time to do something different.

Todd Liles announces a Major Change

It is clear that it is time for me to change my focus. For the last 7 years, my deep focus has been on creating content for Tech and Sales Pros. That was needed and good, but my life has changed.

My new reality is that I invest most of my time on Leading a Team of Highly Talented Coaches that have a focus on Techs and Sales Pros.

While I was a Tech, and a Sales Pro, I’m 7 years into running a very successful Performance Based Company. Running this company takes most of my attention and energy. My focus has changed because of this change in my life.

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How CSRs Can Boost Top-line Revenue

5 tips to boost revenue now

When I talk to contractors I typically hear the same things. “Brandy I can’t get my phone to ring more often and more steadily.” “I need to find new avenues to get new business.” “I am already spending a ton on marketing.”

How CSRs Can Boost Top-line Revenue

I’m going to share with you the silver bullet to get more sales without spending a dime in extra advertising.

For this example, I’ll be using a plumbing company. But this is absolutely applicable to any service based business.

This plumbing company did:

  • $1,000,000.00 in new client revenue last year
  • $300.00 average ticket
  • This means the company ran 3,333 new client calls

The average contractor thinks their CSR closing rate is 90%, but few actually track it.

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5 Reasons Why Steady Eddie Wins

Training Video

Have you ever worked with an egotistical jerk? You know the type of person I’m talking about! He may be really good at his job, but he wants EVERYONE to know it. He’s the Super Plumber!

Steady Eddie Wins

I’m Mario!”

Well Mario, what about Luigi?



Sometimes the Super Star needs to go to Charm School.

Today’s post is a Training Video that highlights the power of the Steady Eddie, and can teach a thing are two about respect to the Super Star. We love the SuperStar, but you don’t have to be a Jerk just because you are a SuperStar.

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