Obliterate the 5 Sales Objections from your Workweek

Do you ever feel worn out from constant client objections?

The  Service Professional who sells face-to-face is given an objections over 50% of the time he asks a client for his business, according to one study. Imagine how much more money you would make if you could decrease your objections by just 10%!

Adding insult to injury, research shows constant rejection takes a toll on not just your professional life, but your personal life as well. That means more stress and less productivity.

As a tech and an in-home salesperson, I’ve been there.  There were moments when I wonder, “I’m I wasting my time?”

Then, something changed. Clients began saying “yes” more than “no.”

I discovered several strategies and tactics that helped close more sales, make more money, and free up time for the personal things in my life.  What I learned is not magic, it is real proven strategies.  And, I’m willing to share it with you in my new ebook, Obliterate the 5 Sales Objections from your Workweek.

In this detailed, in-depth guide, you’ll discover how to navigate through this objections and get a “yes!”

You will get the techniques, and the scripts that will obliterate these 5 sales objections from your workweek:

  1. “I want it, but I can’t afford it.”
  2. “Your Price is too high!”
  3. “Let me talk to my spouse.”
  4. “I need to get 3 bids.”
  5. “Let me think about it.”

5 Sales Objections - eBook Preview

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