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Volume 1 - 01.13 - The Archi-TECH

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In this issue of The News Group:

Stop the “You are just trying to sell me stuff!” Headache

Eddie Blanchard reveals his tips of the trade in this interview with Todd Liles. [click the share button below to play the interview]

Do It NOW!

by Terry Barrett

If I held a $100 bill up in a room and asked would anyone like to have it, everyone would say yes. If I crumbled it up, stomped on it and then ask the same question, the answer would still be the same. [click the share button below to continue reading]

Punch Fear in the Face!

by Todd Liles

Fear is a liar and a selfish coward.  Fear will tell you that you can’t achieve success.  It will also tell you to place all your bets on a single hand.  [click the share button below to continue reading]

The Winner of Archi-TECH of the Month

The winner of the Archi-TECH of the month receives $100.  [click the share button below to continue reading]


and more . . . [share to have access]


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