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Volume 1 - 01.13 - The Archi-TECH

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Stop the “You are just trying to sell me stuff!” Headache

Eddie Blanchard reveals his tips of the trade in this interview with Todd Liles.

Click on above podcast link/play button to hear the full interview.

Eddie Blanchard, OwnerHere are a few highlights from the interview:

  • My techs were shown how to deliver options without feeling like a salesperson.
  • They have increased their average ticket.
  • They have turned in more service leads due to the way they feel about presenting the options.
  • The Archi-TECH Training Series has made an impact on my techs, they are happier and that makes the client happier.
  • I learned that you need to be there to support your guys and know what they are learning so it can be reinforced.
  • We have truly created a relationship with SET that if we ever need anything or have questions about anything, SET is always there and never asking for anything in return.


Do It NOW!

by Terry Barrett

Terry Barrett, Trainer

If I held a $100 bill up in a room and asked would anyone like to have it, everyone would say yes. If I crumbled it up, stomped on it and then ask the same question, the answer would still be the same. You see, regardless of how much you were stomped on, crumbled on, or even knocked on the ground, don’t forget you were created to do great things, and you are worth the investment in growing you. So with that in mind, let’s look at one major thing that would stop you from doing just that… Procrastination.

Let me tell you a riddle; there was five frogs sitting on a log, four decide to jump off, how many are left? Most people would answer “One!”  No, the answer is five. Why? Because there is a difference between deciding and doing!

How many of you decided last year that you was going to do something great, and never got around to it? Let me give you an exercise that will help you get rid of this beast (procrastination) in your life. A simple thing you should do every morning, before you climb out of bed, is say the words “DO IT NOW” fifty times, then when you lay down for bed say it again fifty more times. So, try this for thirty days and start building the life God intended you to have. DO IT NOW!


Punch Fear in the Face!

by Todd Liles

Todd Liles, Shannon Lile, Willa Liles

Fear is a liar and a selfish coward.  Fear will tell you that you can’t achieve success.  It will also tell you to place all your bets on a single hand.

The most important thing I can tell you about Fear is to punch it right in the nose.  Fear can ruin your life.  It will stop you from what God has in store for you.

The good news is this, Fear is a coward. You hit it hard, one good time, and it will run in the other direction.


Training Lesson on Objection Handling


The Archi-TECH of the Month

The winner of the Archi-TECH of the month is chosen by our team.  We base the award on:

  • Performance
  • Improvement
  • Attitude

This month’s winner is Jake McNair of Freedom Heating and Cooling.

For winning, he will receive $100! Way to go Jake!

One Hundred Dollar Bill


The Archi-TECH of the Month is sponsored by

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Why Should You Be the next Archi-TECH of the Month?

Archi-TECH of the Month Application

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We Are Here for Your Team

by Stacy Barrett

Stacy Barrett - cec

I am truly excited for all the lives and companies we were a part of in 2012. We have made great friendships and long lasting relationships with companies all across the United States.  I am looking forward to meeting new faces and being a part of all that SET has in store for 2013.

We have added some new classes to our training program this year, not only will we still have The Archi-TECH Training Series, but we will have a Sales Series and a CSR Series.  See below for dates and locations. See you soon!


The Archi-TECH Training Series

Training for Residential Contractors

Tech Series:  Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC Techs

 March 18-20 Houston, TX – REGISTER HERE

April 29-May 1 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

June 17-19 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

September 23-25 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

November 11-13 Dallas, TX – REGISTER HERE

Sales Series:  HVAC Sales Tech and Comfort Advisors

May 2-3  Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

June 20-21 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

September 26-27 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

November 14-15 Dallas, TX – REGISTER HERE

CSR Series:  Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing

 April 29-30 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

September 23-24 Montgomery, AL – REGISTER HERE

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