How To Launch Your Business Without Losing It All

with PHD and Coach Kerry Webb

You are interested in launching a business, but you don’t want to lose your shirt in the process, right?

Launching a successful business, plumbing, hvac, tech, electrical

In this VIDEO, Kerry Webb and I will give you the best tips for launching your dream business.

We will cover the following topics:

  • A simple business plan.
  • The money it takes to get started.
  • How to avoid fighting battles with old employers.
  • How to launch your side business that doesn’t conflict with your current job. (05:41 is where this sections starts.  Double check this to see our perspective a “Side Business,” because it is not a “Side Job.”)

This process works for any start-up. It really works for anyone contemplating launching their Plumbing, Air Conditioning, or Electrical Business. Yet, this could work for a person who wants to launch a boutique business. WANT HELP?  CLICK HERE

I love talking to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are brave, bold, and make this great economy of ours work! If you are starting a business, or want to, WATCH THIS TODAY!

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