Kyle Smith Testimonial

for the PRESS PLAY Training Series

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:

“Communicate better.”


Submitted in class – 12/5/12

Kyle Smith is a technician of an HVAC Company called Systems Aire in Phoenix, AZ. Kyle graciously provided the Service Excellence Training team with a testimonial about his experience at Service Excellence Training’s classroom training event. As every HVAC, plumbing, or electrical technician can vouch, you have to enjoy the trainer and the training event to get the most out of your experience; and that is what HVAC technician, Kyle Smith did at this training series.  He said that Service Excellence Training’s, Terry Barrett, was “awesome”, “great”, and “inspiring.” When HVAC, plumbing, and electrical technicians, managers, and CSRs enjoy their experience with the Service Excellence Training team then we also get excited and inspired to help each independent contractor turn their learning into earning! We hope that every independent contractor can have the same type of positive and inspiring experience that Kyle Smith had and leave the training event saying the same thing Kyle did, “I look forward to doing things with you in the future!”

In the written answers below, Kyle Smith told the Service Excellence Training team about the big idea that he will take from the training series as well as the experience that he liked most about the event.  These thoughtful answers also answer the question “Why should I use Service Excellence Training to train my team?” for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Sales, Service, CSR, and Dispatcher Training.

What big idea will you and your team take from this training series:

“Communicate better.”

What did you like most about the training series:

“Very loud and clear.”

The PRESS PLAY Training Series

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