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How To Ruin Your Day

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How To Ruin Your Day

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Periodically, I go out of my way to ruin my day.

This happens at least twice a year.   Usually when I am trying to juggle too many plates.

It usually starts by getting up 15 minutes too late, because I went to bed an hour and half too late.  (Less than 7, and it is not going to be pretty.)

Then, I skip an actual breakfast, and just go for the coffee.

No sleep . . . too much caffeine . . . poor nutrition = sh*^ty day.


An Epidemic of Sh*^ty Days

There is an epidemic of sh*^ty days in the contracting world.

Busy schedules and hectic workloads are keeping good people from having terrific days.

It’s time to have better days.  Here are 3 things you can do to dramatically improve your day.


3 Easy Steps to Terrific Days


#1 – Do More by Doing Less

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

If you are a residential air conditioning company, then by that!  You are not a commercial plumbing company just because a client asked you if you could be.

Focus on the Key Results Areas that bring you more money, and do those things.


#2 – Use Deadlines to Create Clear Stopping Points

It is never going to be perfect.  So, shoot for excellence in a given time frame.  Set a timer for the time a project will take.  Do only that project during that time.

A great idea is to turn off distractions like Facebook (Like our page by the way).


#3 – Take Care of Your Health

You are different.  Yes, that is true.  You may need less sleep, and can work longer hours than others, but . . .

Health is not only about sleep.  It is also about the time you spend with your family, the food you eat, as well as what you watch and listen.


So, if you put good in, you are going to get good out.

Put crap in . . . Well, you get the idea.


How was your day?

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