online and onsite training for your techs, salespeople and managers

Help Where You Need It

Service Excellence Training offers two types of business consultation services to residential home-service companies:

  1. the Exclusive Accountability Program and
  2. the Onsite Growth Meeting

Each of these goals-oriented consultation programs creates a hand-in-hand partnership between your company and an experienced Service Excellence Training Business Coach.

2 Consultation Programs:

#1 The Exclusive Accountability Program – must be qualified

New applicants to The Accountability Program must be qualified.  This is due to the high demand, and intense nature of the programs individual approach.  No more than 12 companies are allowed into this program in the same year per consultant.

In the exclusive, hands-on program you get your own expert trainer and business coach that will perform an intense onsite analysis and training session to establish business goals.

After the initial onsite program, we will implement the next stages of growth for you and your company.  This program includes:

  • Online Management Coaching
  • Business Planning
  • Online Training for your Frontline People

If you are interested in becoming a new member of The Accountability Program, then please complete the form below.

Complete the Application Form to be considered for the Accountability Program

#2 Onsite Growth Meeting

We can provide your company with onsite training in the following areas:

  1. The Tech Series:  Increasing average tickets, service agreements, and leads for replacements.
  2. The Sales Series:  Increasing average replacement sales, closing percentages, and decreasing cancellations.
  3. The Manager Series:  Growing the People that Grow the Team

If you are interested in an Onsite Growth Meeting, then please complete the form above.