Increased Closing Percentage and Average Ticket after Sales Training

After going to the last PRESS PLAY training my replacement close ratio went from 10% to 66%, and my tickets increased as well.  (My average install is now over $14,000!)

Mack Chambers and Family

By using the hiring process from Service Excellence we were able to find a good tech. After getting him trained at PRESS PLAY he now converts 50% of our replacement leads from his service calls!! (Before we were only getting a couple a month)

This has dramatically affected our marketing expense and our bottom line! Both in a good way!

One of the biggest factors has been the pricing guide we were able to develop with Todd’s help. This enables us to communicate better with our clients so they can make the right choice for themselves. Before we would just try to get the job done for the cheapest price. Now, homeowners are buying better systems and they are excited about it!

Thank you Todd!!

Mack Chambers – A & A Air

Jonathan Yelitz Testimony

for the PRESS PLAY Training Series

What big idea will you take away from this Training Series:

“Set more written goals for myself”

submitted in class – 05/07/14

Jonathan Yelitz is a technician for an Independent HVAC Company called County Wide Services located in San Antonio, TX.  Jonathan was kind enough to provide the wonderful video testimonial from above about  his experience at one of Service Excellence Training’s classroom training events. Having a training that boosts sales confidence and skill in the field is a vitally important aspect of a successful independent contracting company.  That type of training is exactly what tech, Jonathan Yelitz, felt that he got from his experience at this training series.  This is what he had to say about his experience as a tech,

“It was awesome to see the motivated people in the room!”

Here at Service Excellence Training, we love hearing excitement and motivation from our techs, like Jonathan.  The entire Service Excellence Training team is devoted to helping you and your team turn your learning into earning! Jonathan Yelitz also provided the Service Excellence Training team with insightful written answers about his experience at our training event.

These statements will explain the big idea that Jonathan will take with him from the training series, the aspect that he liked most about the training series, and they will answer why he believes that other HVAC, plumbing, and electrical independent contractors should use Service Excellence Training to train their team and what big ideas as well as enticing aspects other independent contractors will get from attending, one of Service Excellence Training’s classroom training events:

What big idea will you take away from this Training Series:

Set more written goals for myself.

What did you like most about this Training Series:

“Had strong moral and faith based training.