WARNING RANT ABOUT TO OCCUR!! Some techs get confused about what kind of page Service Excellence Training is in the social media spaces. Some techs think that because I love Techs, and this Field, and want great things for everyone on here; that I must also accept their Bulls***** excuses.

Why the hate for flat rate?

Some techs think that I’m ok with them bad mouthing their companies, and techs from other companies.

Some techs think it’s ok to bash Flat Rate Companies and the Principles of Sales. Some techs think that all Sales People and Commission earners are crooks. >> RELATED: The PRESS PLAY for Sales Class

Allow me to create clarity, and Rant for a Hot Minute

If you are here to learn, you’re welcomed to stay.

If you are here to improve your life, and the lives of others, then you are in the right place.

If you respect all hard working techs and sales pros, no matter if they are T&M or FR, then you’re in the right place.

If you want to learn how to be a great communicator, and that also means sales;

If you want to master persuasion and influence;

Learn a Service and Sales System;

Make Big Money!

Buy A Home!!

Send Your Kids to College!!! (Or to trade school)

Retire with Money in the Bank.


then you’re in the right place.

If that’s not you, then leave. Don’t come back until you are ready to Turn Learning into Earning.

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I would not want to work on a pure hourly pay. I prefer a system that is based on performance. Performance pay motivates me. It gets me excited, and provides fuel for my goal focused fire. This is not the case for everyone.

In this post, I will cover:

  1. Who shouldn’t be on Commission.
  2. Who should be on Commission.
  3. The 3 Wins of Commission

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How to Stop Unethical Customers

Unethical customers are going to attack your company. Sometimes this attack will come in the form of a dishonest online review. Other times, it will take the form of a client trying to convince you (or your people) to do side jobs.

You need to expect these attacks. You also need to have a plan for when these attacks occur.

Rich Ortega of Orlando, FL experienced the negative effects of an unethical customer first hand. Here’s his story:

Rich Ortega submitted via Facebook Messenger << click to talk

Todd, I’ve got something else I’d like to hear your thoughts on:

How should a company handle customers who try to recruit employees for off the books work?

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Has the FUD caught you in it’s slimy trap? Be warned, the FUD is coming!

You may now know it, but you’ve had the FUD.  You’ll get it again.  You’re team members have had it, and so have your clients. It’s highly contagious, and very dangerous. So what is this FUD? And how does it spread?

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How To Guarantee to Almost Die in a Basement

When I was a tech, I loved working on oil furnaces and boilers. I know that sounds strange but I did. I loved it. I got to use “real” tools with some heft, like wrenches. I could see everything I was fixing and put my hands on it.

How to almost Die in a Basement

You can’t hold refrigerant. (I tried once – another story for another time.) I didn’t even mind working on call or weekends in the winter because I knew most of my calls would be for oil furnaces or boilers. If it was very cold – in Virginia Beach that’s below 30° – I would “chase the oil truck” all weekend. (Those of you that work on oil systems will understand that. For those of you that don’t, it means that the burners that are running when the oil is being delivered are almost guaranteed to get clogged up. When it’s colder, burners are running more frequently and oil is being delivered more frequently thus more clogged burners.)

It was one of these cold nights on call chasing the oil truck that taught me some valuable lessons about safety and gave me yet another lesson on being prepared and and the dangers of overconfidence.

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