[VIDEO] the issue of the heart

The sun is bright and hard to look at.  Yet, it shines a light unto everything.  The truth is like the sun.

Rant against the Poverty Mindset

I want to talk about the mindset of poverty.  This weird hate against folks that help other folks reach prosperity.  And, I’m going to shine some truth on that mindset.

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[VIDEO] the low supply creates huge opportunities

“The average age of skilled tradesmen is 56 year old. Younger people are not entering the trades at a rate sufficient to replace retirements.  As a result, 10 million new skilled workers will be needed by 2020.” – Matt Michel of the Service RoundTable.

It's time to learn a trade

Matt Michel wrote an eye opening lead-in to Ron Smith’s New Edition of HVAC Spells Wealth. Matt’s chapter, The Future of HVAC, creates a vivid picture of how the future could look.

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What a National Award Winner says about the Manager Series

Corey Hickmann Testimony

Corey Hickmann is the owner of Comfort Matters HVAC. You probably know him, or at least have heard of him.

Corey Hickmann Award

Corey’s company is a National Award Winner for Installations, and his company is on the list of Forbe’s Fastest Growing Businesses.

Corey Hickmann and PlungerIn addition, Corey has a reputation for being a giver to other leaders (and a bit of a comedian.)

Corey can often be heard in the Service Nation Alliance Peer Groups as he leads contractors to better results.

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[VIDEO] and what to do about it!

Every service call is a big investment.  On average, a Pay Per Click campaign will cost you $45 to $65 dollars per phone call.

When you're losing calls

Depending on your Client Service Representative booking percentage, that call can cost you even more.

Now, what’s upsetting is when these calls are lost off a “technicality.”  In other words, the call was lost because of not doing the very basics.  Like answering the phone on time, or at all.

I’ve done a short study on inbound Pay Per Click calls, and produced this video.  You will discover the 3 times frames calls are lost, and what to do about it.

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how to reclaim your personal freedom

In 2002, work gave me my first mobile phone. At first, I thought it was amazing. However, I soon discovered that having a mobile phone had one huge drawback. A loss of personal freedom.

How to reclaim your personal freedom

Before mobile phones, we used high powered service radios. (Does anyone else remember those days?)

Service radios were big, loud, and had limited range. Because of their limitations, it was expected that you would turn it off and charge it when you were not on-call. In those days, when you were off, you were off.

But times change, and our company grew.

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