Attention is the greatest asset a service technician or sales professional can possess.  It is also the best gift to give a client. Sadly, this asset is being drained away by technology. Smartphones being the worst.

The smart phone addiction of HVAC Techs, Plumbers, and Electricians is killing customer service.

The average person spends 1/3rd of his day on his smartphone. He checks his phone about 85 times a day. That equates to 5 hours and 20 minutes of daily use, or checking the phone every 11 minutes.

This is a serious problem!  And the problem exists in 2 major areas:

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Is It Too Late to Create a Success Budget For 2017? – (Part 1)

5 “How To’s” To Winning Bigger Than Ever Before!

Joe is a great guy and a good contractor. He delivers consistent service and his customers like him. He gets good customer reviews…when he remembers to ask for them.

Success Budget - Kerry Webb

The problem is that Joe’s business has been basically flat for the past 3 or 4 years. Even worse, profits seem to have slowly dwindled down. Some years are up a bit, but it seems the next year the loss is just as big as the previous year’s gain.

What should Joe do?

What is the solution for him to get his business on the growth track?

Joe needs a financial plan, also called a business budget.

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[VIDEO] the issue of the heart

The sun is bright and hard to look at.  Yet, it shines a light unto everything.  The truth is like the sun.

Rant against the Poverty Mindset

I want to talk about the mindset of poverty.  This weird hate against folks that help other folks reach prosperity.  And, I’m going to shine some truth on that mindset.

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going the extra mile, aka - making the muffins

Wouldn’t it be nice to work at a company where people go above and beyond what is expected?  Not for praise or reward, but because they have the ability and desire to give back. Imagine a workplace where every team member gives their best every day, and goes the extra mile to make sure the team is successful.

Creating a giving culture copy - Brandy Rogers
Brandy Rogers submitted today’s article. She is the Marketing Director for Gary’s AC in Amarillo, TX.

I work for Gary’s AC in Amarillo, TX.  And, we have a culture of “going the extra mile.”  We call it “Making the Muffins.”

Normally, “Making the Muffins” goes unnoticed.  That’s because the type of person that makes the muffins, doesn’t brag or seek a pat on the back.

Companies reward so many types of behaviors: revenue numbers, callbacks %, closing %, service agreement conversions, and so on.  All of those things are good, and we reward them too.

But what about the “muffin makers’?  Their good deeds often go unnoticed.

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What a National Award Winner says about the Manager Series

Corey Hickmann Testimony

Corey Hickmann is the owner of Comfort Matters HVAC. You probably know him, or at least have heard of him.

Corey Hickmann Award

Corey’s company is a National Award Winner for Installations, and his company is on the list of Forbe’s Fastest Growing Businesses.

Corey Hickmann and PlungerIn addition, Corey has a reputation for being a giver to other leaders (and a bit of a comedian.)

Corey can often be heard in the Service Nation Alliance Peer Groups as he leads contractors to better results.

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