3 Steps to Successfully Launching a Performance Based Team Member

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I was so close to being fired, that I could barely eat the burrito in front of me. I was a Performance Based Team Member of an HVAC company, and I sucked.

Successfully Launching a New Team Member

My “suckiness” was caused because of a poor on-boarding procedure in our company. In truth, there was no on-boarding process other than “Go sell something!” Get in a truck, and see what happens.

For most of the guys on the team, that was perfectly fine. After all, our company was a time and material service company, and inexperience meant more money billed. However, I was the newly minted “Sales Rep.” I was the only Performance Based Team Member at the company. For me, inexperience meant BROKE AS A JOKE! You can read more about my early days in sales, and how I found success in this post >> How to Repair Your Tech or Salesperson’s Confidence

From Time and Material to Performance Based Team

I eventually figure out how to be successful at the Time and Material Service Company while working as a Performance Based Sales Rep. So successful that we tripled the business. More time past, and I was caught up in a whirlwind of being a high producer, and being recruited by VenVest. (VenVest was the investment company that started Success Academy, Success Group International, and the Franchises of One Hour and others.)

Within a few years, I caught the entrepreneurial bug and partnered in an HVAC and Plumbing Company. Later, I founded Service Excellence Training.

The founding of SET was the classic E-Myth story. I’m a great trainer and business consultant; so I might as well start a business! Right?

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From doing it all, to doing none of it (kind of)

Leading a Performance Based Team

As a leader of a Performance Based Team, I know that you have done everything from the install to the accounting.

Almost every entrepreneur has worn every hat in his/her company.

Yet, you can’t keep doing it all if you want to become a strong leader. You can’t do it all if you want to scale your time and profits.

You must train, and then trust your team to accomplish great things without you. RELATED: Classroom Training

When your team is producing at a high rate without you, then you have truly stepped into the position of Leading a Performance Based Team.

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Why I’m Changing My Focus

announcing a major change

Time will change things, and time has changed me. It’s time to do something different.

Todd Liles announces a Major Change

It is clear that it is time for me to change my focus. For the last 7 years, my deep focus has been on creating content for Tech and Sales Pros. That was needed and good, but my life has changed.

My new reality is that I invest most of my time on Leading a Team of Highly Talented Coaches that have a focus on Techs and Sales Pros.

While I was a Tech, and a Sales Pro, I’m 7 years into running a very successful Performance Based Company. Running this company takes most of my attention and energy. My focus has changed because of this change in my life.

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5 Reasons Why Steady Eddie Wins

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Have you ever worked with an egotistical jerk? You know the type of person I’m talking about! He may be really good at his job, but he wants EVERYONE to know it. He’s the Super Plumber!

Steady Eddie Wins

I’m Mario!”

Well Mario, what about Luigi?



Sometimes the Super Star needs to go to Charm School.

Today’s post is a Training Video that highlights the power of the Steady Eddie, and can teach a thing are two about respect to the Super Star. We love the SuperStar, but you don’t have to be a Jerk just because you are a SuperStar.

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The 5 Ways to Lose Money with Flat Rate Pricing

and how to avoid these money drainers

Flat rate pricing has been around in one form or another for more than 30 years. I remember using flat rate in 1985 as a helper. Every company I was with as a tech used flat rate of some type. From the classic task list to the simplified level pricing to tiered package pricing, flat rate is the go to pricing for the service trades.

Flat rate is a part of a very powerful business strategy, but can be the proverbial two-edged sword. Some have tried flat rate only to see lower ticket averages, higher frequency of “diagnostic only”, and upset customers. Those that experience these issues usually blame the pricing and revert to the old time and material method of pricing. RELATED: HOW TO PRESENT FLAT RATE

In an effort to save you the headaches experienced by others, here’s a list of 5 things they did to lose money using flat rate pricing. Use these to avoid the same mistakes.

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