Eliminating Fear for CSRs

One simple question to banish fear

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CSRs this one is for you! Have you ever been asked to do something that scares you? For example, outbound calling, rescheduling a client, talking about price, offering an add on, overcoming an objection, going off script, the list is endless.

What is the worst that could happen?

I recently had to deal with my own fear. I went skiing for the first time with my fiancé. After a day in ski school I was ready to “shred down” the mountain. Well, until I actually got up there. Long story short, the first run of the day ended with me walking down the mountain while Chris gracefully skied down with my skis.

He marched right back to ski school and got me another lesson. Fast-forward to the next day, there were no tears and I was able to navigate the mountain. That was a great improvement. The problem was I was going super slow. As I was turtle pace going down the mountain, Chris asked me a question and it is the same question I want to ask you.

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3 Steps to Successfully Launching a Performance Based Team Member

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I was so close to being fired, that I could barely eat the burrito in front of me. I was a Performance Based Team Member of an HVAC company, and I sucked.

Successfully Launching a New Team Member

My “suckiness” was caused because of a poor on-boarding procedure in our company. In truth, there was no on-boarding process other than “Go sell something!” Get in a truck, and see what happens.

For most of the guys on the team, that was perfectly fine. After all, our company was a time and material service company, and inexperience meant more money billed. However, I was the newly minted “Sales Rep.” I was the only Performance Based Team Member at the company. For me, inexperience meant BROKE AS A JOKE! You can read more about my early days in sales, and how I found success in this post >> How to Repair Your Tech or Salesperson’s Confidence

From Time and Material to Performance Based Team

I eventually figure out how to be successful at the Time and Material Service Company while working as a Performance Based Sales Rep. So successful that we tripled the business. More time past, and I was caught up in a whirlwind of being a high producer, and being recruited by VenVest. (VenVest was the investment company that started Success Academy, Success Group International, and the Franchises of One Hour and others.)

Within a few years, I caught the entrepreneurial bug and partnered in an HVAC and Plumbing Company. Later, I founded Service Excellence Training.

The founding of SET was the classic E-Myth story. I’m a great trainer and business consultant; so I might as well start a business! Right?

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From doing it all, to doing none of it (kind of)

Leading a Performance Based Team

As a leader of a Performance Based Team, I know that you have done everything from the install to the accounting.

Almost every entrepreneur has worn every hat in his/her company.

Yet, you can’t keep doing it all if you want to become a strong leader. You can’t do it all if you want to scale your time and profits.

You must train, and then trust your team to accomplish great things without you. RELATED: Classroom Training

When your team is producing at a high rate without you, then you have truly stepped into the position of Leading a Performance Based Team.

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Communication styles: US Marine vs. Customer Service Representative

How your communication style impacts your CSRs

Imagine a typical US Marine. Get a firm picture in your head, the camouflage, probably an M-16, and most definitely not a smile. Now Imagine that US Marine answering your telephone as a CSR. What kind of customer service do you imagine they would provide? Probably not very good, right? They would be short, curt, and maybe a little too direct.

From Marine to CSR

Why is that? The answer is they are transformed into a thick skinned, direct and to the point communicators. Not exactly ideal for customer service. Well your CSRs may be more like that Marine than you would like to admit.

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Dispatcher FLU Is Decreasing Profits

How your Dispatchers Might be Suffering from the FLU

As I am sitting here with flu like symptoms it reminds me of having the FLU as a dispatcher.

Now I am sure you are asking yourself what does sniffling, aches, and fever have to do with dispatching. I am going to fill you in on how your dispatchers might be suffering from the flu.

I have discovered 3 symptoms that your dispatchers may be exhibiting that could indicate that they have dispatcher FLU. These three things are hurting the productivity and profitability of your team.

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