10 Great Sales and Closing Lessons to Boost Your Results

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Chris Loudermilk and Chris Elmore bring you 10 Great Sales and Closing Lessons.  From the Holiday Objection “I will call you back after Christmas”, to “I did not budget for this and I have to buy presents for the kids”, Elmore and Loudermilk will unpack 10 great Lessons to Boost Your Results. RELATED: Sales Training for Service Professionals

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The video is 32 minutes long and you can watch all of it, or go to the sections that you are interested in.

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[VIDEO] a unique closing tool for plumbers

As a professional plumber, you need closing tools that work for you. So what I’m going to show you today is the Teflon Tape Close.

It’s a great way to utilize what you have already right now in your tool bag. You are going to find this close is easy to use.  And, it’s really going demonstrate on how to build value on jetting a line as opposed to just clearing it with a snake.  FREE eBook – Obliterate the 5 Sales Objections from Your Workweek

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.  RELATED – Sales Training for Plumbers

Question:  What creative ways do you have for closing the sale?   Please comment and share on  and .

Your Technicians are Stealing!

When you find out how you might be shocked

Technicians probably don’t even know they are stealing. Some may know but don’t care. I’m going to share with you how a dirty service vehicle steals from your techs, clients, and the business.  Related:  6 Ways to Prevent Side Jobs

When I was working with a client of mine we uncovered something. I looked into the service van and saw clutter everywhere. I posed this simple question to him.

“Did you know that your dirty and unorganized service vehicles are a big thief of time and ultimately money?”

As a service business owner the two biggest expenses we control on a daily basis are:

  • Technicians Labor
  • Materials

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The true cost of running an hvac business

"Is the owner getting rich?"

How many times has a technician said, “I think the owner is getting rich!”?   There’s an interesting perception that business owners must be raking in the cash.   Is that true?  RELATED – 11 Things to Know About Commission Based Pay for Service Techs

Is the owner getting rich?

Well I have the answer and I’m going to share it with you.  

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