The Service Contractor Radio Show

The Service Contractor Radio Show is designed to give wisdom to the Residential Service Trades.

Wisdom for Residential Service Contractors

wisdom for contractors

wisdom for contractors

You may be familiar with The Archi-TECH Podcast.  This show replaces it.  We switched formats to improve the listener experience.  I hope you enjoy the new format.

The show is a value builder of Service Excellence Training. We provide training for Service Contractors in the classroom, at your location, and live training lessons over the internet. These are great tips for anyone in the residential contracting trades as a:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • HVAC Technician
  • HVAC Salesperson
  • Owners and Managers

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If you want to ask me a question about an upcoming topic, please leave it in the comments of the podcast page, or send me a request using our voicemail system.   Each week, I try to answer as many questions on the show as I can.

The Service Contractor Radio Show

#01    04/16/2013     Loyal Versus Productive Team Members  Episode 1 with Todd Liles, Terry Barrett and Matt Stewart

#02    04/24/2013    How to Stop Putting Off the Important Task  Episode 2 with Todd Liles, Matt Stewart and Bill Talbot

#03    05/08/2013    Avoiding the Expansion Trap  Episode 3 with Todd Liles, Matt Stewart, Terry Barrett, and Aaron Santas

#04    05/15/2013    How to Recruit for New Employees  Episode 4 with Todd Liles, Grant Robinson, Aaron Santas, and Matt Stewart

#06  05/29/2013     How to Convert More of Your Existing Leads to Sales Episode 6 with Aaron Santas, Matt Stewart, and Terry Barrett

#07  06/05/2013    How to Make Phones Ring Episode 7 with Todd Liles, Ron Magrini, Aaron Santas, and Matt Stewart

#08  06/12/2013     How to Generate More Replacement Leads Episode 8 with Todd Liles, Matt Stewart, and Terry Barrett

#09   06/19/2013    How to Grow Your Business at Will Episode 9 with  Todd Liles, Aaron Santas, Bryan Richards and Brad Carruth (Owners’ of Electramedics in Dallas, GA – Special Guest

#10    06/26/2013   How to Motivate Your Team During the Busy Season Episode 10  Todd Liles, Terry Barrett, Aaron Santas, and Matt Stewart

#11     07/31/2013  How to do a Weekend Business Plan with Ellen Rohr Episode 11 Todd Liles and Ellen Rohr

#12    10/16/2013   Easy Budgeting in 30 Minutes Episode 12 Todd Liles

#13    10/31/2013   4 Steps to Conquering the Fear’s of Contractors Episode 13 Todd Liles

#14     11/14/2013   How to Create Urgency When the Client has None  Episode 14 Todd Liles

#15     11/26/2013  Master Level Objection Handling  Episode 15 Todd Liles and Thomas Dougherty

#16     12/12/2013   Seven Ways to Spot and Stop Your Top Team Member From Quitting Episode 16 Todd Liles

#17    12/30/2013 How to Make Sure Your New Hire Shows Up Episode 17 Todd Liles

#18     01/15/2014  Selling to Defensive Clients Episode 18 Todd Liles and Terry Barrett

#19     01/27/2014  How Steve’s Plumbing Succeeds Episode 19 Todd Liles and Steve Egner

#20    02/18/2014  How to Build Profitable Relationships Episode 20 Todd Liles and Terry Barrett

#21    03/19/2014   Interview with I.A.Q. expert Steve Mores Episode 21 Todd Liles and Steve Mores

#22     04/03/2014  How to Sell More by Asking Great Questions Episode 22 Todd Liles

#23     05/01/2014 6 Ways to Build Trust with Your Team  Episode 23 Todd Liles and Stacy Barrett

#24     10/22/2104  How Google and Steve’s Plumbing Leads their Team to Success  Episode 24 Todd Liles and Thomas Dougherty


The Archi-TECH PODCAST ARCHIVES (original show format)

#01     12/19/2012      21 Reasons People Buy from You

#02     01/02/2013      Settling Client Anxieties

#03     01/16/2013      The Buyer’s Quadrant

#04     02/13/2013      The 5 Mindsets that Destroy Success Part 1 of 2

#05     02/27/2013      The 5 Mindsets that Destroy Success Part 2 of 2

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