Chris Yanez sells $97,000 in HVAC Replacement in his 1st week!!

Chris Yanez sold $97,000 in HVAC replacement last week.  That’s in his first week in the sales position.  He’s pretty excited.   (Who wouldn’t be if you are on pace to triple your income?)  After his second sale, he sent us this email:

“Just sold my second job for $18,125, my first was $14,000 cash!”

Last night he sent me this message,

“Hey fellas I sold 5 jobs last week!  $97,000 in sales! I guess your class paid off, huh? Thanks again!  Oh, go 49ers!”

Chris is the perfect example of the results that we are getting for our clients.  Since Chris is doing so well, I wanted to take a moment and profile Chris.

Let this profile serve to answer the question: “Should I send my guy to the Sales Series?” 

Who should attend the Sales Series Program?

  • A tradesman or tradeswoman.  Some programs say, “Send us a car salesman, and we can transform him into an HVAC sales person.”  That’s not our program, and we don’t won’t it to be.  We teach tradespeople how to sell the products and services they already love.  So, if you have an HVAC Tech (or install manager in Chris case), a Plumber, or an Electrician that wants to be more successful, we can help do that!
  • A desire to sell for the right reasons.  If you don’t have a  desire to sell, then you shouldn’t attend the Sales Series program.  It’s okay to be a little scared of sales, because we can help you through those fears.  You just need to bring the desire.

Here are Chris’s thoughts on the program:

“Before the class, I was scared!  I was thinking to myself, ‘How am I going to go into a customers house, and try to sell them a system that costs $14,000-$30,000!?’ 

That was before the class, after the class I couldn’t wait to start! I was still scared of the unknown but I knew if I just was myself and used the tools I learned I would be successful. 

Did I think I would sell 5 jobs for a total of $97,000 in my first week?  Not even close, but thanks to your class and my company I was able to achieve instant success. Pretty bad a** (you know what he said) if you ask me!!!!$$$$” 

Chris works for Mark DeVries HVAC Service company in Bakersfield, CA.  Before “Comfort Advisor” was on his business card it read “Install Manager.”  Now, Chris has the communication skills to match his technical skills.

Who is the person on your team that could benefit form the Sales Series like Chris?

Can you imagine the positive benefits it would bring to his life?  (And to your company?)

The next class is soon, and it is almost full. (As of 08-31-2015 @ 9:28am)

  • ONLY 4 SEATS LEFT in the Sales Series!
  • ONLY 6 SEATS LEFT in the Sales Manager Series!
  • SOLD OUT – Tech Series!

The next class starts in 21 days.  It will be in Austin, TX. Click the link below to Find Out More.

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We understand limits.  If you need to spread out the payments to make this work for you, then we can help you.

You can set up the payments to run at a time that works best for you.  All we ask is that you take care of the investments before the class is complete.  (One of my favorite clients sends his guys with a check.  I love that!  You can do that too if that helps.)

If you need a payment plan, we can help you!  Just let us know in an email or a phone call.

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Your’s in turning learning into earning,

Todd Liles

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