A request of good will for Steve Mores

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Is there anything more frightening than facing the unknown?

Yes.  Facing the unknown without the support of friends, family, and people of good will.

Steve Mores is a very good friend of mine.  Tomorrow morning, he will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his brain.

There is a good chance you know Steve as well.  He has been actively involved in the trades for 2 decades.  You may remember him as the President of the BuyMax group, or in his current role as IAQ expert and supplier for Dynamic IAQ.

I’m asking that you send Steve your good will.  Send to him your thoughts and prayers.

Will you do that?  If you wish to write him, you can do so here:  Steve Mores:  [email protected]

It is uncommon that I would ask you to perform a spiritual act like prayer.  I hope will forgive this diversion from the usual topics.  I greatly care about Steve, and believe in the Power of Prayer.

PS:  Do you also need some good will sent your way?  If so, then feel free to let me know.  We have a group of Prayer Warriors that support each other, and we would be happy to pray for you as well.

You can discover more about the Prayer Warriors Group Below.


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