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Terry Barrett is a real air conditioning contractor.   He has been in the residential home services business for over 15 years.  He has been a trainer of sales and service to technicians for over 5 years. Terry Barrett, Trainer

12 Things about Terry
  1. He is a Christian with a strong work ethic.  He lives to help others.
  2. He is married to the wonderful Stacy Barrett.
  3. He is a father.  His children are biological and adopted.
  4. He is an amazing trainer.
  5. He manages a company that has gone from $600,000 to over $4 million a year.
  6. Terry is motivated to help you succeed in the right way.
  7. Terry’s goal is to help you succeed.  You win when you succeed in:
  8. Retain technicians.   Companies that invest in their technicians reduce turnover rates.  The goal is to provide a rewarding and satisfying place to work.
  9. Retain and strengthen client relationships.   You want clients to rave about your company.   And, to do business with you again and again.
  10. Increase leads from your technicians.
  11. Build sales from your existing calls.
  12. He has a deep passion for building companies through their service department.
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