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Stacy Barrett

Stacy Barrett is our amazing Class Event Coordinator.  She has been connected to the Home Service Industry as an office personnel for Air Now for 6 years, and as the wife of Terry Barrett, who has been a part of the Industry for over 14 years.

10 Things about Stacy
  1. She is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. She has a strong work ethic who lives to help others.
  3. She is married to the terrific Terry Barrett.
  4. She is a mother of 7 children.  She has 3 biological and  4 adopted.
  5. An amazing leader of young people.
  6. Coaches a High School Varsity Cheerleading Team.
  7. Motivated to help you succeed in the right way.
  8. Will make your classroom experience enjoyable.
  9. Will take a photo of you and insert it into a slide show – Watch out! 😉
  10. Drinks too many Diet Cokes!
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