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Hi! I’m Chris Elmore. I was born in the service trades and have had a wide range of experience. My passion is helping business owners and their team members grow their businesses and improve their lives. I’ve seen businesses all over and know that the principles of SET along with an experienced coach can really create big results. I am EXCITED to be on this team!

12 things you need to know about Chris:

1. Been married to Laura for 24 years. Got engaged at her high school prom. She is the reason I am a better man.

2. Son, Caleb, is a senior at Baylor University. Daughter, Hannah, is a Disney cast member at Disney World (for now) but will be attending Dallas Baptist University in the fall. So proud and honored to be their dad.

3. I am saved by the grace of God and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I humbly try (sometimes failing miserably) to extend that same grace to others.

4. Lives in Waco. (No. He doesn’t know the Fixer Upper people but his wife and daughter work at their shop.) Originally a surfer dude from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

5. Played ice and roller hockey for several years. Go Red Wings!

6. Quit college to get married. Became a full time HVAC tech. Earned my journeyman’s card for HVAC in Virginia by working during the day and doing apprenticeship classes at night.

7. After moving from the field to the management and business side of things, took classes to earn my Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

8. In my career on the front lines I have been a helper, technician, selling technician, installer, and service manager. I broken, wrecked, and “let the smoke out of” plenty of parts and systems in my learning. I have attempted to fetch a bucket of steam and the bubble grease. I have also sent others on these errands.

9. In my career as a consultant, manager, and executive I have coached and trained technicians, sales people, managers, and owners across North a America and even in the U.K.

10. Was a franchise consultant for Aire Serv LLC, an HVAC franchise, and became Vice President; responsible for the development of training and support for more than 150 locations in the US, Canada, and U.K.

11. Was Vice President and later the President of The Grounds Guys LLC, a landscape management franchise, responsible for the growth of the brand and support of more than 200 locations in the US and Canada.

12. I have a passion for learning and helping others learn. When you stop learning, you have decided that you are content with life as it is.

With my experience and the team and resources of SET, I know I can show you how to grow your business and improve your life.

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