about Toby Brodie

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Toby Brodie graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Toby currently serves as a member of North Carolina A&T State University’s Board of Trustees. He also holds an Executive MBA from Walden University (2015). Toby is married to Dr. Kimberly Brodie, and the couple lives with their four children in Austin, Texas.

In 2001, Toby began working for Brodie Contractors, Inc., a general contracting masonry company located in Raleigh, North Carolina founded by Toby’s father in 1989. During Toby’s time with Brodie Contractors, Toby participated materially in overseeing the growth of the company from 100 to 500 employees. Toby began his time at Brodie Contractors as a superintendent and project manager, serving in these roles for more than 14 years. He later spent five years as the company’s Business Development Manager. In these roles, Toby provided leadership in project planning, strategy in general oversight, and project implementation. He also ensured quality of work during the building process while coordinating with clients to define work schedules and budgets. He was often tasked with coordinating several projects while communicating effectively with other contractors and professionals. His position required consistent coordination with other company leaders, strong conflict resolution skills and innovative thinking for high-level problem solving. Toby left Brodie Contractors in 2015, moving to Austin, Texas to start his own construction development firm specializing in multi-family, warehouse offices, and self storage facilities development and management.

Prior to his time at Brodie Contractors, Toby worked in corporate accounting and has an extensive background in investor relations. His diverse background in accounting and construction has taught him the value of strong communication, the importance of organizational structure, project management and internal control.

Toby is also a faithful member of LifeAustin church in Austin where he serves as one of the Leaders of the Security Dream Team. He is also a valued member of the construction team that is charged with the project management of the new chapel on the church campus. An advent football fanatic, he coaches his son’s flag football team during his downtime.

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