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Matt Stewart has been in the world of HVAC Independent Contracting for over 8 years in which he has been involved in all realms of the residential heating and air conditioning business from service, sales, installation, and management.  The Service Excellence Training team was happy to welcome Matt as one of our trainers in 2013.  Here are some interesting facts about Matt:

10 Things about Matt:Matt Stewart

1.  He is a Christian who believes in the power of hard work and dedication in faith, life, and business.

2.  He is married to Whitney Stewart, S.E.T.’s Resource Curator.

3.  He has been in HVAC Residential Contracting since he was 16 years old.

4. Along with training at Service Excellence Training, Matt is a full-time sales manager at a growing HVAC Independent Contracting Company in Western North Carolina.

5. Matt really enjoys working out and has recently picked up running.

6. Matt is a Basketball Coach at a local Christian School, which he attended during his high school years.

7.  Matt is originally from Port Deposit, Maryland.

8. He is one of the biggest Baltimore Raven’s fans you will ever meet!

9. Matt enjoys working with youth, he and Whitney teach the K-5th Grade Children’s Service 2 Sundays at their church.

10. He is motivated and excited to help your Independent Contracting team succeed in growing sales, leads, and retention.

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